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World Wide Wesla Wong

29 Jul

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Weather and Traffic Gal Wesla Wong‘s blog ( She gives a behind-the-scenes look at her job and the Global newsroom during the morning and noon show.

Here is a sample of Wesla’s stealthy work:

And this is just entertaining. A look at what Mark Madryga does when the weather doesn’t go exactly as predicted…


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Weekend News

27 Jul

For the second time, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the newsroom on a weekend.

Generally, there are much fewer people working and the “newsroom buzz” is a few decibels lower than normal. There are the same usual suspects scattered throughout the room – the producers, the writers, the production team members, the editors, the anchors and reporters – just fewer than on weekdays.

Because there are less bodies, this affords me the opportunity to lend an extra helping hand where possible. During this past weekend, this meant assisting the weekend producer with some breaking news from Powell Lake where a float plane flipped forward in the water and everyone onboard survived.

This was of particular interest since similar stories that have been reported lately involved the passengers dying.

So the news broke right before the Saturday evening show and I was able to contact a witness from a nearby restaurant who then emailed a photo to my phone. We were able to get it on air in time.

When I arrived bright and early at the newsroom on Sunday morning, the weekend producer asked me to help her figure out a travel plan for a reporter and shooter to get to Powell Lake ASAP.

As you can see, it’s not the closest destination to travel to, shoot the story and then get back to the newsroom in time to edit for the 6pm show. After looking at ferry schedules, it was decided that a charter float plane would be the best option.

After a few quick calls, we were able to secure a float plane for the day to transport the reporter and cameraperson (…is it politically incorrect these days to say “cameraman”?) to Lake Powell and back.

Throughout the day, we kept tabs on the two adventurers and their story updates. While they were traveling, I worked on finding more witnesses that may have seen the incident.

When they made it back to the newsroom (in time and after plenty of hustle), we found out that they actually interviewed some members of a nearby softball team who helped fish the shocked passengers and pilot out of the water.

So without further ado, here is the story ladies and gentlemen.


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Let’s Throw it Over to…

23 Jul

Hanging around the Global newsroom for the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity to do lots of watching.

Watching the news. Watching the production teams. Watching the control room. Watching the camera guys. And especially watching the anchors and reporters.

Their ability to articulate and tell a story so smoothly and conversationally is something I have especially been taking note of. Sometimes they have teleprompters, sometimes not. Sometimes there are small trip-ups or mics decide to stop working. And while all this is happening live, I’ve been able to see how they handle the unexpected and still keep their cool.

The reason I’m so curious? Not only is it fascinating to see this in person, but it is apparent why these people are employed as reporters and anchors. Professionalism, improvisation, personality, articulation, charisma… all qualities that not everyone possesses, but necessities to succeed in this job.

I was recently looking at my first RUtv News show as an anchor. When we shot that, I was essentially just winging it. I had my lines memorized (no teleprompters for us at that time), but I had yet to really practice the subtle nuances and inflexions that can make a huge difference in the delivery.

Already, I feel like I have much to improve upon. I am now eager to test my theory of broadcasting osmosis. Will their skills find a way to permeate into my own brain? I look forward to finding out.


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A Gem that Must be Shared

22 Jul

Nikki (the P.A. …you remember her, I’m sure) introduced me to a hilarious video that must be seen by all.

The incident in the video occurred last summer and understandably, the entire newsroom was dying of laughter.

And that is all I’m going to say. Enjoy.

Oh, and there were animals involved. On live TV. That is all.


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Remember the BCLC Website Story?

21 Jul

It was interesting watching the News Hour last night.

If you recall reading about my little foray into researching for Keith Baldrey last week, well… there is a follow-up.

That’s a funny thing I’ve learned about journalism. You may think a story is so simple and straightforward one day. And then it comes back as a whole other creature the next. (Or maybe all journalists already know this and I’m still clueing in).

This is what happened with the BCLC story. While I was told by BCLC that their site was taken down because of technical issues, yesterday, BCLC actually admitted that they had to shut ‘er down because users could view other people’s private information, as well as bet with other users’ money!

A stark contrast from what I was told. And just yesterday, the CEO admitted that, in fact, BCLC had been fined over $600,000 for failing to comply with money-laundering rules.

Hmmm interesting start to North America’s first go at a government-regulated online gambling site. Apparently the $100M that typically leaves B.C. every year to illegal offshore gambling was the proverbial dangling carrot. The government stepped in to take a little nibble. Unfortunately, they may have bitten off more than they can chew.


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Everybody…Meet Nikki

21 Jul

So Nikki is a P.A. here at Global. (P.A. = Production Assistant).

According to Nikki, this was her dream job and she achieved it at the remarkable age of 21 years old.

Her job, essentially, is to keep the timing of the show as it goes to air live.

Rather than try to actually summarize her job in just a few words, perhaps it is better to hear it from the woman herself! Everybody… this is Nikki.


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Quick Thought #1

17 Jul

Want to know a perk of hanging around the newsroom long enough that people stop and ask “You’re still here?” …?

Filling in on weekends!

Here I am. Answering the phones in the newsroom.

I am a weekend-worker anyway so I am more than happy to make myself useful here at Global.

All in the name of being an intern!


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