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If You Haven’t Heard…

5 Aug

In conversation, I’m often asked about my time here at Global. Turns out I’m not the only one curious to know what goes on behind the scenes of B.C.’s popular news broadcasts.

Commonly, I’m asked about the design of the newsroom, the set, the hours people work (the newsroom operates 24/7 and the morning news team is up at 3:30am) and of course — the anchors and reporters. What many people don’t know is that Global B.C. News is Canada’s top-rated evening newscast (and one of North America’s most watched local newscasts!).

As well, the Global B.C. station is home to Global National which Kevin Newman has anchored since the beginning — since its inception, if you will. All the writing and production for Global National happens here. In 2008, Newman made the move to Ottawa and through the amazing power of technology, he now delivers his broadcasts from a special green screen studio in Ottawa while the production is still controlled from here in Burnaby (even the robotic cameras).

Interesting sidenote: Newman delivers his broadcasts like he’s speaking to his mother. Article here.

So this leads me to my next frequently asked question: Who’s replacing Kevin Newman? Most people know he’ll be leaving the program this month, but few recall who is stepping into his shoes.

Well, ladies and gentlemen — that person is Dawna Friesen. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s probably because she has been based in London, England for the last 11 years as an anchor for NBC News. As far as resumes go, hers is vast. Friesen has some serious experience under her belt and after I learned more about her, I was definitely inspired by her career path. She has extensively covered Europe and the Middle East. Quite the resume for a gal who grew up on a farm in Winnipeg. This video gives a great introduction to her jaw-dropping career.

As I mentioned, I’m quite in awe of her international work experience. While I can imagine there must have been some personal sacrifices made to have such a mobile career, there is something about her experience that really speaks to me. I do have a European passport and fully intend to use it one day.

As well, the fact that a female was selected to be the anchor for Global National (Lisa LaFlamme for CTV, too) is quite gratifying and encouraging. As a female student of this profession in a world where people aren’t quite sure if men and women are treated with the same level of respect, I’d say this is a positive step in the right direction.


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