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Let’s Throw it Over to…

23 Jul

Hanging around the Global newsroom for the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity to do lots of watching.

Watching the news. Watching the production teams. Watching the control room. Watching the camera guys. And especially watching the anchors and reporters.

Their ability to articulate and tell a story so smoothly and conversationally is something I have especially been taking note of. Sometimes they have teleprompters, sometimes not. Sometimes there are small trip-ups or mics decide to stop working. And while all this is happening live, I’ve been able to see how they handle the unexpected and still keep their cool.

The reason I’m so curious? Not only is it fascinating to see this in person, but it is apparent why these people are employed as reporters and anchors. Professionalism, improvisation, personality, articulation, charisma… all qualities that not everyone possesses, but necessities to succeed in this job.

I was recently looking at my first RUtv News show as an anchor. When we shot that, I was essentially just winging it. I had my lines memorized (no teleprompters for us at that time), but I had yet to really practice the subtle nuances and inflexions that can make a huge difference in the delivery.

Already, I feel like I have much to improve upon. I am now eager to test my theory of broadcasting osmosis. Will their skills find a way to permeate into my own brain? I look forward to finding out.


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