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Hey Journalism… I’m Ready

30 Aug

Summer internship at Global BC: ✔

Professional headshots: ✔

I’m ready, right? That’s all I need in order to become a hard-hitting, professional journalist… right? Well, maybe I need to add this:

Career in journalism: Work in Progress.

I finished up at Global BC last week and over the past few days, I’ve been mulling over how to conclude my experience in this last blog post. I’ll begin with my last day.

It was a day that began with good-byes right from the start; as I walked in at 8am, I said good-bye to Tony who works the overnight security shift. Always a pleasant face to greet me in the mornings as I sometimes stumbled in half-asleep.

As the day continued on, more people filtered in for their shifts and this meant more good-byes. Yes, that includes the infamous Nikki who was kind enough to be my first guinea pig for the sake of this blog.

Later, I had a nice chat with the man who allowed me to be an intern in the newsroom in the first place and got some great feedback. Our conversation really pushed me to pursue journalism more seriously and soon after, I signed up for several journalism classes for the fall, including a broadcast presentation class (victory!).

(I say this because my program is Radio and Television Arts which has a strong focus on technical skills and producing. These classes will focus more so on writing the journalistic way!).

I was actually surprised at how sad I really was to conclude my experience there. Working in a newsroom may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I really took a liking to it. For the first time, I think I’ve found an environment that really suits my personality. I like the constant change and the hustle that springs into action when breaking news occurs. I like that I’ve honed in on my news-detecting skills (and this is thanks to, in part, to the many callers who called in with their stories). I like the team effort that occurs just to make a story happen; from the assignment editor to the reporter to the camera person to the editor and finally to the production crew. It’s all quite fascinating to observe.

At first, during my internship, I felt I needed to be doing more. For those first 6 weeks, I was basically spending the majority of my time observing the action around me. Occasionally, someone would see my unfamiliar face and strike up a conversation, but for the most part, I was an observer. This truly was a test of my patience, but now I totally understand why this was a necessity. There is just so much that goes on in such a large newsroom. I needed that time just to understand the process and see where I could fit in to help.

Eventually, I got into my groove and by the end of it, I was busy for the majority of my days. From helping reporters do background research to setting up interviews to taking phone calls from all across B.C., I was given more and more responsibility. And by the end, I really felt in the right place.

I must say, as well, the anchors and reporters really are as nice as they appear to be during their broadcasts.

So as I close this chapter and begin the next, I fully intend to be back in that newsroom one day. Whether it’s next summer as I reprise my role as an intern or even eventually working as a reporter, the intention is there. For now, I will go off to school and learn important things like sentence structure and verb tenses and the inverted pyramid. I will try my hand at radio through an internship in Toronto and I will continue to learn at school.

With all this in motion, I’m pretty sure I can only get better.

For now, so long, farewell and hope to see you next summer.


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