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Out in the Field…with Ted Field

9 Jul

Today began as any other day at the Global TV BC newsroom.

I arrived somewhat promptly at 8:01am, sat at my temporary desk with my steeping David’s Tea and began to scour the local newspapers. I watched Steve Darling host the Morning News show by himself since Lynn was away. He and Dana Gee talked movies. She recommended “Despicable Me.” So far, her movie reviews have been on par with my own. Though I haven’t seen too many Pixar films, I’ll trust her on this one.

Around 9am, the morning show team surfaced. Emma, the director, taught me about tumblr. She also answered my daily questions about life at 3:30am (the time her alarm makes noises to wake her up). It still makes little sense to me, but somebody has to keep the news world turning.

Around 11am, I left the newsroom with reporter Ted Field and cameraman Pat Bell. We went to the World Trade Centre near Canada Place to film Finance Minister Colin Hansen give a statement regarding the Olympic budget ($600M projected budget actually turned into $925M — explain that one, please).

Then, we met NDP leader Carole James in Gastown. She gave her response to the Olympic budget — in short, the Liberals should have been honest about the cost.

Lastly, we went to the VANOC Headquarters to chat with the CFO who said they should have enough coin to pay the outstanding bills.

All throughout the day, Ted and Pat dispensed pearls of wisdom. Ted is actually an instructor at BCIT and Pat has traveled the world extensively. Both very interesting guys to talk to who can recall news stories from years ago at the drop of a hat. They are like walking and talking libraries. I’m sure they must make the average person feel quite uninformed and ignorant. And by “average person” I mean myself.

But this does not deter me. I know I am young and naive, and I am ok with that. I have much to learn and going out with Ted Field “in the field” is one way to go about becoming an informed journalist-to-be.


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