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Remember the BCLC Website Story?

21 Jul

It was interesting watching the News Hour last night.

If you recall reading about my little foray into researching for Keith Baldrey last week, well… there is a follow-up.

That’s a funny thing I’ve learned about journalism. You may think a story is so simple and straightforward one day. And then it comes back as a whole other creature the next. (Or maybe all journalists already know this and I’m still clueing in).

This is what happened with the BCLC story. While I was told by BCLC that their site was taken down because of technical issues, yesterday, BCLC actually admitted that they had to shut ‘er down because users could view other people’s private information, as well as bet with other users’ money!

A stark contrast from what I was told. And just yesterday, the CEO admitted that, in fact, BCLC had been fined over $600,000 for failing to comply with money-laundering rules.

Hmmm interesting start to North America’s first go at a government-regulated online gambling site. Apparently the $100M that typically leaves B.C. every year to illegal offshore gambling was the proverbial dangling carrot. The government stepped in to take a little nibble. Unfortunately, they may have bitten off more than they can chew.


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