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Productivity at its Best

14 Jul

Today, as an intern at Global TV, I felt legitimately productive for almost the entire day.

This is a great thing and it has taken me several weeks to reach this point.

Some days are slower than others here in the newsroom. Reporters may not need any help with their stories. The phone may not ring with callers bringing me their news tips. These are the days I read all the newspapers through and through and surf the web looking for local news stories… on Facebook and Twitter too, of course.

But this day was different. After settling in as I normally would, I received a phone call from reporter/anchor Anne Drewa. She needed some research done for a story ASAP. Basically she was working on a story regarding a Chinese herb theft in Richmond. She needed to find a Chinese herbalist who could speak on camera about the value of these herbs.

Understood. Easy enough task. I was eventually able to connect her with a herbalist who was free to speak. Yay, that productive hour felt good.

My phone soon rang again. After a lengthy discussion with a caller, I proceeded to do some preliminary research into their claim and passed the information along to the newsdesk. This happened several times throughout the day.

You know, it’s funny. I know I had a productive day because time just flew by. As I try to recall all the events that occupied my time, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot. Sure, there were various conversations throughout the day that occurred (journalists and those who work in the newsroom in general are very smart people, for the record). As well, an opportunity to work here this weekend came up, too.

So while it may not sound like a whole lot right here on digital paper, just know that I came away from the newsroom today a very happy, satisfied Global TV intern.


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