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Hello, Nice to Meet You

16 Jul

So today included many “firsts” as an intern here at Global BC. Very good “firsts,” I might add. The kind of “firsts” that make the heart pitter patter. A little excitement. A little trepidation. Yeah, kinda like a new relationship.

I arrived as usual at 8am and was immediately greeted with a small research assignment. After an hour or so of reaching frustrating dead ends, I received another research assignment. Excellent. Perhaps I will be able to deliver on this one instead.

Sidenote: I understand that occasionally, in journalism, dead ends are inevitable. Especially in television news when people don’t want to be interviewed on camera. But nonetheless, I try. I try. I never want to give up too early.

While I continued to work away at my tasks (as well as receive phone calls from viewers with news ideas), I received yet another assignment. I was asked to work with reporter Keith Baldrey who is based in Victoria and needed some research done in the Lower Mainland.

The story was regarding BCLC’s new website PlayNow.com. If you’ve tried to access it lately, you’ve probably seen this:

The site was shut down just a few hours after it launched yesterday. The site has caused quite a commotion since it’s said to be North America’s first online gambling site sanctioned by the government.

I was asked to head out with cameraman Mike L. and speak to BCLC, as well as critic and Vancouver-Hastings MLA Shane Simpson.

This was an all around exciting and scary experience. Guess that’s what life is about, right? It’s always good to do something that scares you just a little bit on a daily basis.

So Keith equipped me with the questions that needed to be asked and off I went. With my little background knowledge of the story, I spoke to the BCLC rep as well as Mr. Simpson. With some help from Mike, I do believe we got the job done.

With the tape in hand, I flew back to the news station where the editors began to “ingest” the data. As an RTA student, I have been duly taught that ingesting is converting the analog tapes into digital form to be edited. This education really is coming in handy!

Overall, greatly satisfying day. I enjoyed meeting this new experience and here’s to hoping we have a happy and fruitful relationship ahead of us.


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