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The Evolution of Robin Stickley

10 Aug

Inspired by R&B singer Robin Thicke’s album, I decided to bring together various clips that show the evolution of Robin Stickley‘s career.

…In actuality, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that highlights Robin’s early days as a reporter and I found it interesting to compare to her work today.

And a few years later, here she is anchoring for Global National:

More recently, Robin reported live from Kelowna on the News Hour:

You can catch Robin anchoring the News Hour Weekend as well as reporting during the week. Or you can check out her YouTube channel here.


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B.C. Fire Watch

3 Aug

B.C. is burning. Sadly.

Today, I received multiple calls regarding the 400 active fires burning across British Columbia.

July has been a dry one! As Mark Madryga was just telling the newsroom, there was less than a millimetre of rain in Vancouver in July. Considering May and June were very un-summery, the beach weather in July was a nice welcome change! Everyone’s bronzey tans attest to this.

Unfortunately, we are now paying the price of enjoying a month of extremely dry weather. So today in the newsroom, I deemed myself to be on “Wildfire Watch”… ie. watch the online map below to monitor current and new fires across British Columbia.

Multiple callers wanted to keep me in the loop on fires close to their own homes. We had a few cameramen out in the interior of B.C. who also called to say that it was quite smokey where they were and wondered what was going on around them.

After the long weekend, it’s been an especially busy day here in the newsroom. Everyone is getting back into their routines after the four-day weekend which included the Vancouver Pride Parade, the Spirit of the Sea Festival, a B.C. ferry crashing into the dock and sadly, deaths along the Trans-Canada highway.

As I’m currently still in the newsroom and have not left the comfort of the air conditioning just yet, I do hear that rain is beginning to fall outside and thunderstorms are even rumored to be brewing. Selfishly, I know I’ll miss the beautiful 25-degree-sunny days. But really… our province is burning and it desperately needs an ice-cold glass of downpour. Someone please pass the pitcher.


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Weekend News

27 Jul

For the second time, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the newsroom on a weekend.

Generally, there are much fewer people working and the “newsroom buzz” is a few decibels lower than normal. There are the same usual suspects scattered throughout the room – the producers, the writers, the production team members, the editors, the anchors and reporters – just fewer than on weekdays.

Because there are less bodies, this affords me the opportunity to lend an extra helping hand where possible. During this past weekend, this meant assisting the weekend producer with some breaking news from Powell Lake where a float plane flipped forward in the water and everyone onboard survived.

This was of particular interest since similar stories that have been reported lately involved the passengers dying.

So the news broke right before the Saturday evening show and I was able to contact a witness from a nearby restaurant who then emailed a photo to my phone. We were able to get it on air in time.

When I arrived bright and early at the newsroom on Sunday morning, the weekend producer asked me to help her figure out a travel plan for a reporter and shooter to get to Powell Lake ASAP.

As you can see, it’s not the closest destination to travel to, shoot the story and then get back to the newsroom in time to edit for the 6pm show. After looking at ferry schedules, it was decided that a charter float plane would be the best option.

After a few quick calls, we were able to secure a float plane for the day to transport the reporter and cameraperson (…is it politically incorrect these days to say “cameraman”?) to Lake Powell and back.

Throughout the day, we kept tabs on the two adventurers and their story updates. While they were traveling, I worked on finding more witnesses that may have seen the incident.

When they made it back to the newsroom (in time and after plenty of hustle), we found out that they actually interviewed some members of a nearby softball team who helped fish the shocked passengers and pilot out of the water.

So without further ado, here is the story ladies and gentlemen.


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