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Oh Hello There, 2:15AM

25 Aug

Have you seen the above video of Wesla Wong‘s sleepy puppy? It’s only got 45,000+ hits so it may be worth checking out (…if you’re prepared to handle an overload of cuteness).

Anyway, sleepy Jasmine is kind of how I feel today and probably how the whole Morning Team feels in general.

For months now, I’ve heard about their sleeping patterns; a 4 hour snooze and then work. And then a 4 hour nap after work. And so on. Others choose to go to sleep at 8pm and then awake at 3:30am the next morning.

It sounds like a draining cycle, but today I dared myself to try it out. Just so I could relate to their jobs that much more. Hey, I’m only here for 1 more day so why not try to immerse myself fully into the atmosphere?

Ok. Well in actuality, I had to set my alarm at 2:15am this morning to awake for online class enrollment. I am back to Toronto next week, after all, and school commences the following week.

For whatever reason, my school decided to open enrollment at 5:30am EST so for me on the West Coast, that meant quite the rude awakening. After 4 hours of sleep, my alarm told me to get  up, turn on my computer and prepare for the bloody battle that is online course enrollment.

I obeyed and sadly, lost the battle I was prepared to fight. I really didn’t get into any classes I was hoping to so that means I can look forward to 2 weeks of constantly checking my schedule to score those spots! Woohoo – bring on the fun!

…Does this post even make sense anymore? Brain fried. Typing…slowing…down… Hey, this morning I was so tired, I was staring at a picture of David Hasselhoff during my entire 1.5hour commute and could not – for the life of me – recall his name until I tweeted about a Baywatch star named Dustin Hoffman.

SoI tried to fall back asleep at 3:15am, but really… sleep did not happen. It was 2 hours of half-asleep/half-awake, tossing and turning, kind of dreaming, but really just thinking…? sleep.

So my whole point is — today, I felt like I could relate to the Morning Team more than ever. And Jasmine. I tried talking to people this morning on numerous occasions and I was actually having trouble stringing a proper sentence together. I can only imagine feeling this tired and having to think on my feet while LIVE ON AIR. Huge kudos to Tanya Beja, Steve Darling, Lynn Colliar, Wesla Wong, Mark Madryga, Sophie Lui, Kristi Gordon and of course, the entire production crew and newsroom crew. Those are certainly some talented people.

I hear everyone on the Morning Team usually goes through somewhat of an initiation period and eventually, they get used to the routine. As for me, I’m patting myself on the back for making it through today. Luckily, I was kept busy (with stories you can watch tonight on the News Hour) and therefore time flew and I’m only feeling the magnitude of my tiredness at the end of the day. (Bonus: just learned “tiredness” is an actual word).

Tomorrow is my last day of my internship here at Global. My aim is to end on a highly journalistic and professional note with a post that eloquently summarizes my experience over the past few months. 8 hours of sleep… here I come.


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Behind the Scenes with Wesla Wong

8 Aug

Wesla Wong takes care of weather and traffic on the morning and noon shows at Global BC.

On Wednesday, August 4th, she allowed me to shadow her during the Noon News Hour and get a feel for what her job requires. I’ve turned that experience into the video below… enjoy!

P.S. Check out Wesla’s blog: www.weslawong.com.


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World Wide Wesla Wong

29 Jul

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Weather and Traffic Gal Wesla Wong‘s blog (www.weslawong.com). She gives a behind-the-scenes look at her job and the Global newsroom during the morning and noon show.

Here is a sample of Wesla’s stealthy work:

And this is just entertaining. A look at what Mark Madryga does when the weather doesn’t go exactly as predicted…


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